About Us


We simply explore Sri Lanka for visitors from overseas & locals to travel. We list all popular places, hotels, spaces,villas, bungalows & homestays in our application & visitors can make their booking through the application, It’s ideal for a backpacker traveling from overseas to Sri Lanka  and also for Locals.

Find the best beaches to explore and surf. Find great authentic traditional plus healthy food that Sri Lanka has to offer. We seek out and encourage travelers to find there way around easy in Sri Lanka. Our aim is to find the best places at the best price with the greatest experiences to suit your needs


Our mission is to make a simple tour guide & make easier for everyone to experience the lovely island of Sri Lanka.

Our goal is to empower people to experience Sri Lanka, by offering the best places to stay and the greatest places for attractions to visit in the most convenient way & Affordable price. Our application would help you to find incredible places to stay – from homes to hotels, and much more, Charming hospitality, delicious food and a range of exciting activities to do on your trip with your loved ones. Additionally, to find top romantic and scenic sites in Sri Lankan. If your adrenaline junkier, we can offer rock climbing, walk rafting and hiking plus much more. Share your travels and make life one great adventure!. We help you to enjoy your trips with the most popular tourist place in the pearl of Asia.