The Name of the Partnership Business

CityBook.LK is live and running Application, already most of srilankan aware of the portal they use this portal for their trip planning within Srilanka. a Tourism Portal in Srilanka which will be operating like Application will have so many cool features what tourists love. 

  1. We are willing to go with ‘[Name/Company]’ as a Partner for the Product called “CityBook.LK”
  1. Website: – we will keep the name without any change

Contributions of the Partners

  1. Initial amount to become a partner
  2. Actively involved in improving website and features.
  3. Helping us to add more unknown or famous places to the application
  4. Advising & Guiding  development Team in tourism sector
  5. Taking partnership/ ownership of the product by having share of 45% ( Profit & Loss)
  6. Maintaining the TRUST at Most & Build good relationship
  7. Managing specific support staffs for this product if needed

please call if interested 

Call / WhatsApp: +94 774 475 196 / +94 711 649151